Seminar 3: Russia and Turkey: Strategic Players from the East

More exciting news: we are eager to announce the third theme of our conference, “Russia and Turkey: Strategic Players from the East”! In this session we will look at how Russia and Turkey play a role in the strategic security dynamics of Europe. Needless to say, if you’re interested in these dynamics make sure to register and buy your tickets soon!

Furthermore, we are pleased to welcome Tony van der Togt and Engin Yüksel from Clingendael as the key speakers of this seminar!

Tony van der Togt

Tony van der Togt: Tony van der Togt is a Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, specialized in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He has extensive experience in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, having served as the Dutch Charé d’Affaires in Kazakhstan and more recently as the Dutch Consul General in St. Petersburg and the Special Representative for the Netherlands in the 2013 Netherlands-Russia bilateral year.

Engin Yüksel

Engin Yüksel is a Research Associate at the Clingendael Institute. His research focuses on the strategic development, nature and impact of Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to joining Clingendael, Engin worked as an intelligence analyst at NATO to help create greater situational awareness of the crises along the Alliance’s Eastern and Southern borders. He is currently undertaking PhD research at the University of Leiden in the area of security studies.

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