Seminar 2: Terrorism, radicalism and extremism

Good news; it’s time to announce our second conference sub-theme: Terrorism, radicalism and extremism! Are you interested in learning about the challenges that terrorism, radicalism, and extremism pose to European Security? What about how they will feature in the security landscape moving forward? Then this session of our European Security conference will be quite interesting for you!

Furthermore, we are delighted to share that Ilke Verhelle, Jelle van Buuren, and Julie Coleman will be the speakers for this session.

Ilke Verhelle

Ilke Verhelle is a Flemish expert in the field of Jihadism and Counter-terrorism. In 2006, she joined the Belgian Federal Judicial Police as a specialist on jihadi terrorism. More recently, she has provided her expertise in Dutch and Belgian legal trials on matters of terrorism.

Jelle van Buuren

Jelle van Buuren: Jelle van Buuren is an Assistant Professor at Leiden University specialized in right-wing extremism and anti-government sentiment. He has published a wide variety of articles related to Conspiracy thinking, European police and security cooperation, private security, and other topics.

Julie Coleman

Julie Coleman: Julie Coleman is a Senior Research Fellow and Program Lead at the International Center for Counter-Terrorism. Her current work focuses on the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism among particular at risk groups. Coleman has also worked with the International Labour Organization and on various USAID and US State Department projects

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