Seminar 2: Disinformation in the Information Age

disinformation seminar

It is time to announce our two conference sub-theme: Disinformation in the Information Age! In this session we will focus on the spread of fake news as this can have a range of harmful consequences (e.g. threatening our democracies). Disinformation campaigns can even be used as a tactic in times of conflict and in particular the widespread use of social media platforms has dramatically increased the speed at which this is spread. Hence, we will explore questions such as its role in conflicts and how new technologies have impacted the ways in which information warfare is being conducted.

Moreover, we are honored to announce that two experts in the field: Gwenda Nielen, behavioral researcher and director of Tilt, and Katria Tomko, Senior Intelligence & Policy Analyst at the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), will guide this session by analyzing the various impacts of disinformation.

Gwenda Nielen

Gwenda Nielen is a sociologist, behavioral researcher and former lieutenant-colonel in the Dutch Armed Forces who is now the director of Tilt

Katria Tomko

Katria Tomko is a Senior Intelligence & Policy Analyst at the Global Disinformation Index (GDI).

We are incredibly excited for this seminar and we hope you guys are as well! Stay tuned by checking out our conference webpage regularly and follow our social media platforms.

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