Seminar 1: Strategic Foresight – preparing for the unexpected

It is time to announce our first conference sub-theme: Strategic Foresight: preparing for the unexpected! This session aims to put you, the attendees, in control as you identify what you consider the most pressing challenges to European security in the future. You will be asked to identify the top challenges within broad categories of threats, such as biological, economic, geopolitics, and cyber.

Moreover, we are honored to share that this session will be guided by:

Goos Hofstee

Goos Hofstee is a Research Fellow at Clingendael focussing on strategic foresight, geopolitical trend analysis, and horizon scanning. Hofstee also has experience working for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a consultant in London on defense and security matters. Her research focus primarily targets international security and the Middle East. Together, you will examine how these issues have been handled in the past, and what can be done in the future to address them.

We are incredibly excited for her seminar and we hope you guys are as well!

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