Seminar 1: Nuclear Weapons – From Atoms to (In)Action

Seminar 1: Nuclear Weapons

It is time to announce our first conference sub-theme: Nuclear Weapons – From Atoms to (In)Action. In this session we are focusing on what efforts nation-states and governing bodies around the world are doing for non-proliferation regarding nuclear weapons. Some believe that recent technological and geopolitical trends have made nuclear war more likely than it has been in decades. These developments include the expansion in the number of nuclear powers and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Hence, we explore questions such as: Is this likelihood realistic? How may a nuclear conflict unfold? What other developments in nuclear weapons are relevant for the near future?

Moreover, we are honored to share that two experts in the field: Marjolijn van Deelen, EU Special Envoy for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation European at the External Action Service (EEAS), and Susi Snyder, Financial Sector Coordinator for International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), will guide this session by debating and analyzing the consequences and implications that nuclear weapons pose for our society.

Marjolijn van Deelen

Marjolijn van Deelen is the EU Special Envoy for Non-proliferation and Disarmament at the EU External Action Service (EEAS).

Susi Snyder

Susi Snyder is the financial sector coordinator for ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

We are incredibly excited for this seminar and we hope you guys are as well! Stay tuned by checking out our conference webpage regularly and follow our social media platforms.

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