On Saturday, November 4, 2023, JASON Institute will host its annual conference. The conference will revolve around the theme of “Unveiling Vulnerabilities: Exploring the Changing Security Climate.” While the current security debate primarily focuses on the war between Russia and Ukraine, it has become evident that this conflict has exposed and, in some cases, highlighted other issues concerning peace and security. The global security climate has been recognized by NATO as the most complex and unpredictable since the Cold War. The NATO summit in Vilnius has therefore aimed to strengthen transatlantic deterrence and defence and emphasize their importance for the security of its residents. The JASON Conference 2023 will shed light on and discuss the most urgent vulnerabilities and debates in global security issues, which hold great value for the transatlantic alliance. Make sure to check our social media channels and website for the latest news on sessions, speakers, and ticket sales! 

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