REPORT: Finnish Embassy Visit

On the 14th of March, the JASON Institute visited the Finnish Embassy in the Hague for a thought-provoking discussion with the Finnish Ambassador Ilkka-Pekka Antero Similä. With Finland’s current accession to the NATO alliance, the attendees were full of questions prompting a deep dive into Finland’s historical and evolving relationship with Russia. This provided the context for understanding the nation’s strategic choices since the Second World War. During the insightful conversation, we learned about Finland’s perspective on the current security dynamics within the NATO alliance as well as its military origins shaping its security posture in the context of Europe.

Overall, the visit deepened the understanding of Finland’s security landscape and provided us with new perspectives able to contribute to the NATO alliance and broader security landscape in Europe. This visit again emphasized the importance of having an open dialogue with other nations and trying to understand each other’s perspective on shared security concerns improving stability worldwide. 

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