REPORT: Exploring the Significance of the Incel Phenomenon

On May 8th the JASON institute hosted an event aimed at examining the Incel Phenomenon. For the purposes of this event we invited historian and journalist Süeda Işik, as well as public order and security advisor Wouter Kruithof. The event was hosted at PLNT in Leiden, which provided what proved to be an excellent setting for the occasion.

The concept of incel refers to involuntary celibates, which is an especially interesting movement as it stands at the culmination of a number of fields of study, including but not limited to gender studies, sociology and of course security studies. During the event a wide array of topics with regards to the Incel Phenomenon were discussed, including but not being limited to its origin, how it connects to contemporary media and asking our experts as to how they perceive the developments with regards to public security. Over the course of the night the speakers provided the audience with a number of fascinating insights, after which the floor was opened for an engaging discussion with the audience.

As the night came to an end, the implications of this novel phenomenon were ever more clear, providing all the attendees with a deeper understanding as to its origin and its exact frame. All in all JASON would like to thank the speakers for their insights and the attendees for their engagement, creating what was above all an interactive night.

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