REPORT: Detecting Financing Crime Event

On the 30th of November, the JASON Institute Activities Committee hosted a panel discussion that explored the themes of financial crime and terrorism financing. To examine the topic, the Activities Committee invited David Langenkamp, anti-money laundering expert at the Financial Intelligence Unite of the Netherlands, Marina, terrorism financing expert at the Volksbank, and a Public Prosecutor specialized in counter-terrorism.

The event was divided into two parts. In the first half, the guests answered the questions formulated by the members of the Activities Committee. These questions provided the attendees with insights into the means through which financial crimes are perpetrated, how they impact society as a whole and what is the role of practices such as money laundering in terrorism financing. Then, the guests answered the questions posed by the attendees.

The discussion proved to be insightful and the attendees engaged enthusiastically with the speakers in the second half of the event.

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