REPORT: Decades of Dedication – NATO at 75, Securing Peace Through Strength

On April 16th, the JASON Institute Activities Committee hosted the event “Decades of Dedication: NATO at 75, Securing Peace Through Strength” to commemorate NATO’s 75th anniversary. The event, featuring a panel discussion, was held at Nieuwspoort in The Hague.

The evening consisted of a panel discussion, followed by a Q&A session. The panel featured Prof. Dr. Giles Scott-Smith, Dean of Leiden University College and Prof. of Transnational Relations and New Diplomatic History, Mr. Jose Gutierrez, Political and Military Officer at the US embassy, and Mr. Lauri Kuusing , Estonian Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The event lasted around 120 minutes and was moderated by Ms. Karlijn J., Senior Advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Dean Scott-Smith kicked off the discussion with a brief introduction on the history of the Alliance.

With speakers from both academic and diplomatic backgrounds, the questions covered a wide range of topics from international relations to diplomacy and security. The questions were divided into three categories: NATO’s past, present, and future. The topics covered during the event included NATO’s expansion, the proactive involvement of certain NATO members in the conflict in Ukraine, and the future trajectory of the alliance as well as concepts like “burden sharing” and the “2% rule”. The speakers were all in agreement on most of the topics and shared a similar view of the aggressive role Russia has played since the invasion of Georgia in 2008.

During the Q&A session, the attendees actively participated in the discussion, posing intriguing questions and contributing to the engaging dialogue.

Overall, the event successfully celebrated the 75th year of the Alliance and provided the stage for an interesting conversation.

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