Moderator Announcement: Willemijn Aerdts!

*insert drumroll* It is time for our next conference-related announcement! We are honored to announce the moderator for our upcoming conference, namely a well-known and respected General Board Member of the JASON Institute for Peace and Security Studies: Willemijn Aerdts!

Willemijn Aerdts

Willemijn is a lecturer-researcher at the Institute for Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. Willemijn is a member of the advisory board of WIIS-Netherlands. She is also a former member of the Peace & Security Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs, and still a member of the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association. Willemijn has an LLM in International Public Law and an MA in International Relations in Historical Perspective. She conducted policy research in the field of international affairs. In the period 2006-2009 she was a board member of the Netherlands Association for the United Nations.

We are incredibly excited to have her onboard and we hope you guys are as well! Stay tuned by checking out our conference webpage regularly and follow our social media platforms.

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