Location and Sponsors announcement!

Another day, another conference update – this time we reveal the conference location and sponsors! We are thrilled to announce that JASON Institute’s Conference “Faces of Conflict: Security Challenges in a Changing World” will be hosted by Sociëteit De Witte which is located in the very heart of The Hague!

Founded in 1782, Sociëteit De Witte is a historical and prestigious venue. The mission of the society is the promotion and communication of its members, which is composed by excelling figures in literature, the fine arts, history and other sciences. It’s a beautiful location and we cannot wait to go there!

Moreover, we are pleased to announce that this year’s conference is sponsored by V-fond, Public Advice International Foundation, and Leiden University Fund!
V-fonds has been an active actor for decades working to avoid another conflict in Europe as during the World Wars by financing events that spread knowledge about conflict and wars and support the maintenance of democracy. Public Advice International Foundation has almost 30 years of experience providing advice and support to governments, industries, international organizations and NGOs with a holistic approach provide uniquely integrated services. Last but not least, the Leiden University Fund was established in 1890 as an independent fund to further the success of Leiden University. The fund fills a variety of functions, including enhancing the study experience of students by sponsoring affiliated events.

We are incredibly thankful for these organizations their contributions to our conference as they ensure it will become a success. Interested in knowing more about our conference? Then check out our webpage and socials to be sure to not miss any conference updates!

We hope to see you soon!

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