JASON Magazine, Volume 48 (2023), ISSUE 1: Climate Security

Dear readers,

We are very happy to share this edition of the JASON Magazine with you. At the JASON Magazine, we are increasingly aiming to interpret the term security within a broader perspective. Hence, this magazine goes beyond the more ‘traditional’ interpretation of security and will focus on climate-re- lated security issues. Furthermore, besides articles and interviews, this magazine will feature the first publication of JASON Magazine’s Perspectives from the Field, a guest column in which professionals provide an opinion on topics within their field of expertise.

In this issue, we would like to reflect on the various ways in which climate change and related policies can affect (inter-)national security. As a result, the articles in this magazine cover a wide range of issues. Some pieces discuss how climate change relates to migration, political instability, and armed conflict. Others reflect on how climate change has given rise to novel protest movements and how it impacts the relationship between citizens and the authorities in democracies. There are certainly plenty more topics to discuss concerning climate security, but we hope this maga- zine offers a good starting point for those willing to deepen their understanding of the intersection between climate and security.

Besides working on the magazine, the editorial office also continuously tries to work on innovating and improving the quality of our work. We organised our first writing clinic with a guest speaker in academia this spring to give our writers the opportuni- ty to improve their writing skills. We have also created a style guide to improve the consistency and quality of our pieces. Lastly, we have all been trying to keep as fit as possible, and the JASON Team will be running the Dam-tot-Damloop on September 17th.

The interviews and editing in this magazine were conducted by our editors, and we would like to thank them for all their efforts and hard work during these last months. We could not have done this without them! We wish those who are leaving us all the best in their careers and are looking forward to continuing working with those who are staying.

On a final note, we have to announce that Anne Preesman, who has been one of the Editor-in-Chiefs since October 2021, will be leaving at the end of the summer. During her time as Editor-in-Chief, she has helped the team grow and strive for con- tinuous improvement of our internal processes, as well as the quality of the mag- azine’s publications. I (Naledi, co-Editor-in-Chief), also on behalf of the editorial team and JASON board, would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Anne for the time and effort she has put into the JASON Institute over the years, and express my admiration for her as a colleague and friend in the time we have worked together. I wish her all the best for her future endeavours. We are pleased to introduce our new Editor-in-Chief Stijn Willem van ‘t Land, who will join the editorial team in this capacity from September.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the JASON Magazine!

Kind regards, Anne and Naledi Editors-in-Chief

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