JASON Magazine, Volume 47 (2022), ISSUE 1: Alliances


Picture credits: depositphoto.com

In this edition of the magazine, the editorial core committee of the JASON Institute decided to focus on the theme Alliances as they provide shape global politics today.They serve to protect and assist, but they can also spark and escalate tensions between states. This duality has been visible with the recent invasion of Ukraine, exemplified by the presence of NATO on Russia’s doorstep bringing a new dynamic to the conflict. Undoubtedly, the important role that global alliances have come to play in an increasingly multipolar world order has been highlighted.

Moreover, they are historically and most commonly based on military or economic cooperation, although some contemporary ones have expanded upon these areas of cooperation and adopted a different understanding of the traditional alliance. It is therefore vital to understand the dynamics that shape alliances, both old and new, and consider what role they can play in times of uncertainty such as these.

Our editorial team has worked hard to provide you with interesting perspectives on the topic from all over the world, exploring the themes discussed above. We hope the articles will contribute to new insights on alliances and how they affect geopolitics.

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