JASON Magazine, Volume 46 (2021), ISSUE 2: European Security

European Security

Security is never far away in the European debate. Whether it is the recent crisis on the Eastern border, the controversial AUKUS alliance, or threats related to climate change, European security dominates the headlines almost daily. Therefore, JASON has dedicated the last months to discussing European security issues. We were glad to welcome many of you to our first post-Covid conference on November 12, which was a great success. This magazine continues the conversation by offering some fresh perspectives on the many of the topics covered during our Winter conference.

Since the end of the Cold War, the direction of Europe regarding its security has been uncertain and contested. Should the EU take over as the main security actor on the continent, or is NATO still the primary institutional guarantor of peace and security? How should Europe deal with hybrid threats, non-state actors and increasing intimidation from rival states? This edition will offer various perspectives on the security issues that will occupy Europe in the coming decades.

This magazine highlights some of the debates and shows different opinions on European security through a diverse selection of interviews and articles. We have spoken to various experts in this field such as Bart Groothuis and our editors have done thorough research on topics like migration, military privatisation, NATO expansion and technology. We hope that this magazine will inspire you to reflect on the past and ponder about the future of European security.

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