In the Spotlight: Frank Creations

Frank Creations is a non-governmental organization based in Nieuwspoort, the international press centre in The Hague, with employees stationed throughout the globe. Frank Creations was founded by former diplomat Boy Frank, who has held posts in various conflict areas around the world. Chief Operations Officer Dominique Ender tells more about the organisation, its mission, and its vision:

“We strive to bridge the gap between young talent and working professionals by educating them about relevant issues of the current times. Frank Creations is engaged with matters of global diplomacy, politics, environmental issues, sustainability children’s rights, gender equality, sports, and security issues. 

We are excited to announce the re-launching of our website and social media accounts this upcoming Tuesday, the 15th of September 2020, which are linked below. Every month we will be publishing articles, interviews, and videos, and will also be talking to experienced professionals about their experiences in working in those fields mentioned above. We are looking forward to contributing to the education of more young professionals and university students to provide them with a larger sense of global awareness on issues that are affecting us now and will affect future generations. Through this awareness, we are hoping to help create a new generation that will change the world for the better.”To find out more about Frank Creations, follow this link.

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