Fortifying Europe’s Infrastructure: A Reflection on Post-Ukraine Security

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Explore Europe’s evolving vital infrastructure and how security dynamics have shifted since the Ukraine conflict in our panel discussion. Discover what resilience means today, and the impact of European interdependence on Dutch systems. Gain valuable recommendations for aspiring professionals with our esteemed guests. Together we will touch on the dimensions of the critical systems our societies rely on, including water management, transportation, energy and Information and Communications Technology systems –  connected together through mutual political, economic and cyber threats and hazards. Critically engage with modern risks for urban environments as we delve into fortifying Europe‚Äôs Infrastructure. 

Godha Bapuij

With over 28 years of experience in Information Technology, Security, and Risk, Godha Bapuji is a multi-disciplinary, seasoned problem-solver and a passionate advocate for public policy and diplomacy. As the founder and director of Women in Crisis Response (WiCR), a civil society organisation committed to Human Security, Godha nurtures future talent to address the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of Security convergence and poly crises, such as new world order, hybrid warfare, sanctions, critical resources, vital infrastructure, and Circular Economy. Godha holds an Engineering Diploma in Computer Sciences from the early 90s, several professional cybersecurity certifications over the past 25+ years of her career in Technology, and is a  proud alumna of Harvard and Leiden Universities as a continuous lifelong learner who proves that age is just a number. She is currently a part-time student at the Netherlands Defense Academy (NLDA) studying International Strategic Arms Trade to deepen her expertise in the Trade and Defense sector.

Roos Meilink

Roos Meilink is one of the two Chief Resilience Officers in the Netherlands, responsible for making The Hague more resilient to risks and crises. She is part of a global network of Chief Resilience Officers from 100 cities, established by the Rockefeller Foundation, which gives her access to global knowledge and experiences. After obtaining her bachelor of engineering degree, Roos started her career at the National government. With her extensive work experience she later, alongside her job, successfully completed a Master of Public Administration. Roos has broad experience working at all level government entities and has led major change initiatives from coordinating and leadership positions. She is highly skilled in working on complex societal issues within a political-administrative context.

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