Captain Niels Woudstra

JASON Wargaming Event with Former NL Military Representative to NATO: Niels Woudstra

Our world is a complex one, being shaped by supply chains. Our modern societies and economies are increasingly depending on access to global flows of goods, energy, technology, people and knowledge. Threats to the infrastructure which upholds and maintains these essential flows are continuously developing, with new threats demanding new protective measures. Affected by continuous technological developments and the consequences of this technology ending up in the wrong hands, the landscape of flow security remains an uncertain one.

Wargaming is a direct answer to this uncertainty, playing an important role in predicting and simulating possible threats to the current system of flows. Participants will be able to gain experience via an immersive game with opposing teams, testing each other’s abilities. The aim of the evening will therefore be to provide participants the opportunity to actively participate in a simulation led by someone with experience in the field.

For this purpose, the JASON Institute has invited Captain Niels Woudstra (off-duty) to guide the participants through the evening.

Captain Woudstra has history in the Dutch navy and has worked as the Dutch military representative to NATO and the EU. He has, as a result, gained experience around the globe due to his work, past and present.

If you are interested to participate and learn more about the topic of flow security, make sure to join on the 13th of April from 19:00 to 21:00 by getting yourself a ticket below. The event will take place at the FGGA Leiden University – Wijnhaven and the exact room will be announced later by mail and posted on this webpage.

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Apr 13 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


FGGA Wijnhaven


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