Fireside Chat with Ryan Patel

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The JASON Institute is thrilled to invite you to an engaging Fireside Chat featuring Ryan Patel, renowned global business executive, on the topic of “The Future of Global Trade and its Implications on Security.” This insightful event will take place on June 14th, from 12:00 to 13:00, at Wijnhaven room 3.60.

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Ryan Patel is a respected thought leader and strategist with extensive experience in the international business landscape. He has a remarkable track record in advising global brands, driving growth, and navigating the intricacies of global trade. With a deep understanding of the complexities involved, Ryan Patel has become a sought-after authority on the future of trade and its potential impact on security.

During this Fireside Chat, Ryan Patel will share his invaluable insights into the rapidly evolving global trade landscape, exploring how emerging trends, technological advancements, and geopolitical shifts are shaping the future of commerce. In an era of interconnectedness, he will shed light on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for businesses and governments worldwide. Furthermore, he will delve into the crucial link between trade and security, emphasizing the implications and potential risks associated with this dynamic relationship.

Join us at Wijnhaven room 3.60 on June 14th to participate in this thought-provoking discussion. This Fireside Chat presents an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, exchange ideas, and network with like-minded individuals who share a keen interest in the future of global trade and its intricate connection to security.

Please mark your calendars and register your attendance. Kindly note that space is limited, and we encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible.

We look forward to your presence at this exceptional event and the enlightening conversation it promises. Prepare to be inspired by Ryan Patel’s expertise and engage in stimulating dialogue with fellow attendees.

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Jun 14 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


FGGA Wijnhaven


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