Exploring the Significance of the Incel Phenomenon

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Join us on May 8th from 19:00 – 20:30 at PLNT in Leiden (Langegracht 70, 2312 NV Leiden) for an evening of dialogue concerning the significance of the Incel threat. Incel, short for involuntary celibate, refers to a segment of society, predominantly men, who perceive themselves as unable to attain romantic success. This perception of victimization often coincides with a resistance to societal changes. In recent years, this movement has become increasingly associated with acts of violence, such as the 2020 attack in Canada and the 2021 attack in the United Kingdom. We invite you to engage in discussions about this phenomenon and explore its origins and potential as a growing threat.

To delve deeper into these inquiries, we are pleased to welcome two experts on the subject:

Wouter Kruithof

Wouter Kruithof is a public order and security advisor specializing in polarization, radicalization and extremism. Having a keen interest in the online realm, Wouter has provided presentations on developments pertaining to the alt-right including the Incel phenomenon.

Süeda Işik

Süeda Isik is a historian and meme journalist
who covers youth culture and social media at
NRC. From the sexy Shrek meme to the devout
fanbase of Elon Musk and the controversial
Manosphere; she delves into the online spheres
that shape our current world.  


May 08 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


PLNT, Langegracht 70, 2312 NV Leiden


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