Editorial Office

The Editorial Office is responsible for the writing and editing of JASON Magazine and the weekly articles that are published on the website. JASON Magazine is published twice a year and focuses on international peace and security issues. Every issue consists of multiple in-depth articles, columns and interviews about a specific theme. The articles on the website focus more on recent developments.


The editorial office consists of the following members:

  • Ms. Rachelle Wildeboer Schut (Editor in Chief)
  • Mr. Jacco van der Veen (Editor in Chief)
  • Mr. Rusen Koc
  • Ms.¬†Ellie Walker
  • Ms. Sabine Stroband
  • Mr. Giles Longley
  • Mr. Wouter Jansen
  • Ms. Taima Brown
  • Mr. Emanuel Skoog
  • Ms. Loes van der Graaf
  • Ms. Franziska Lueck
  • Ms. Louise Harder Larsen
  • Ms. Sara Ferragamo
  • Mr. David Mendelssohn
  • Mr. Tim Driessen
  • Ms. Chira Tudoran
  • Mr. Nikita Pravilshchikov
  • Ms. Maud van den Boorn
  • Ms. Jackie van Velzen
  • Ms. Aileen Schuurmans
  • Mr. Steven van der Plas
  • Ms. Anoek Zijderveld
  • Ms. Agata Chmiel