Conference Speaker Announcement

We are excited to announce our first keynote speaker: Prof. Dr. Han Bouwmeester MMAS.

Brigade General Han Bouwmeester is Professor of Operational-Military Studies at the Faculty of Military Sciences (FMW) of the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA). Formerly, he studied at the Dutch Royal Military Academy and became an Artillery Officer at the Dutch Royal Army. He has been deployed to Bosnia (1995-1996) and Uruzgan (2009) and, in the meantime, earned a MA in Political Science and International Relations in 2000. Not long after, Han Bouwmeester earned a Master’s Degree at the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies after which he worked at NATO for three years. In 2020, he earned his PhD at Utrecht University on the topic of modern Russian deception warfare and he has made regular appearances on tv in which he delineates matters related to the war between Russia and Ukraine. His scope of interests ranges from modern military strategy and land operations to deception, information manoeuvre, and political and military decision-making.

We are pleased that Prof. Dr. Han Bouwmeester will be joining us as keynote speaker. With his exceptional knowledge of the ongoing war in Ukraine and expertise in Russian warfare, Prof. Dr. Bouwmeester will talk us through his insights on the trends and developments concerning the contemporary global security climate. 

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