JASON Institute Conference 2023

Unveiling Vulnerabilities

Exploring the Changing Security Climate

Thank you from the 2023 JASON conference team!

After months of preparation, we successfully hosted our annual conference on November 4th. This year’s theme, “Unveiling Vulnerabilities: Exploring the Changing Security Climate,” proved to be a noteworthy success! Reflecting on a remarkable day, we deeply appreciate that what made the 2023 conference possible: the valuable insights shared by our esteemed and exceptionally engaging speakers, coupled with vibrant enthusiasm by our guests. For those who joined us for the 2023 conference, we sincerely hope the experience was as enjoyable for you as it was for us. 

We extend an invitation to join us at future events hosted by the JASON Activities Committee (AC) or at next year’s conference!

Conference News

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. Han Bouwmeester

Brigade General Han Bouwmeester is Professor of Operational-Military Studies at the Faculty of Military Sciences (FMW) of the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA)

Keynote Speaker

Ron Keller

Former Dutch Ambassador to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and China. Former top advisor at the EU and at the Dutch Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs



Bridging the Future: the Role of Cyber in the Military Domain

This session will focus on the presence and influence of cyber in the ever-evolving landscape of military operations and discuss how it shapes the future of military technology.

Picture of Koen Gijsbers

Koen Gijsbers

Former CIO of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, General Manager of NATO’s IT and cyber (NCI) Agency, current leading IT and cyber executive



This session will focus on the consequences of growing superpower animosity for current and future UN peacekeeping operations.

Picture of Tom Buitelaar

Tom Buitelaar

Assistant Professor in War, Peace and Justice at the Institute for Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University

Picture of Willem van Dullemen

Willem van Dullemen

Colonel of the Royal Netherlands Army (Retired), formerly involved in UN peacekeeping operations

Picture of Jaïr van der Lijn

Jaïr van der Lijn

Senior Researcher and Director of the SIPRI Peace Operations and Conflict Management Programme


EU, US & Russia: Codependency from Below

This session will explore the meaning of international dependency and the influence that it has on the population, considering the war in Ukraine.

Picture of Carina van de Wetering

Carina van de Wetering

Leiden University Lecturer with a background on international relations, foreign policy analysis and security studies

Picture of Jacques Bazen

Jacques Bazen

Senior lecturer of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences within International Economics and Innovative Entrepreneurship.

Picture of Brian Toll

Brian Toll

Previous member of the European Commission, spent 24 years delving into a variety of matters related to international relations, in particular pertaining to Russian-speaking and Asian nations.


Fortifying Europe's Infrastructure: A Reflection on Post-Ukraine Security​

This session will dive into the evolving infrastructure and security dynamics, the meaning of resilience, and the impact of interdependence on Dutch systems.

Picture of Godha Bapuij

Godha Bapuij

Security and Risk Information Technical Specialist, Founder and Director of Women in Crisis Response (WiCR)

Picture of Roos Meilink

Roos Meilink

Chief Resilience Officer of the Hague, Resilient Cities Network

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Frequently Asked Questions

After filling in the registration form on this website, you will be redirected to the payment portal. Once you paid, you are able to download your ticket in PDF format and you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. In case this does not happen and you have checked your spam folder, please reach out to us by mailing: pr@stichtingjason.nl 

The conference will take place Beeld & Geluid, The Hague, on the 4th of November from 11:00-17:00.

📍 Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD, The Hague

The event will not be recorded. However, an aftermovie will be produced which may feature recorded segments of the conference and testimonials of our speakers. This video will later become available on our Youtube Channel as well as our conference page and socials. 

Please note that all contributions of our speakers will be in English.

No, the cost of this conference is €10 per person. This will cover all the catering provided at the event as well as the commemorative goodie bag you will receive upon your arrival. 

No! All attendees will follow the plenary session, but are free to choose which other 2 seminars they follow. Each seminar has a max capacity so first come first serve

For the purpose of this conference, we have invited esteemed experts in the various fields to share their expertise and knowledge on the proposed themes. Thus, in respect towards them we do not advise attendees to leave during the conference – but we cannot force anyone of course. 

All the latest information is posted on our socials on a regular basis. You can find the JASON Institute on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, video materials like recordings and aftermovies are also available via our YouTube account. For any general information about us, please check out our renewed website: https://jasoninstitute.com

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