“European Security: tracking a changing landscape”

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Over 45 years ago the JASON Institute was established to inform students and young professionals on matters of international peace and security. After months of hard work and preparations, we held our annual conference on the 12th of November with this year's theme being: European Security and what a success it was! We are happy to look back on an amazing day with great speakers who provided us with interesting discussions during our seminars as well as the enthusiasm of all of our attendees. For all of you who joined us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we'd love to see you again either at one of our events hosted by the JASON Actvities Committee (AC) or at next year's conference!

3 more days to go!

Last night all participants received an e-mail containing the final practicalities (e.g. seminar allocation) regarding our conference on the 12th of November at Amare,

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Keynote Speakers

Mr. Hong Li

Director of external relations at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Mr. Saïd Fazili

Diplomatic Advisor on Europe for the Office of the Prime Minister at the Ministry of General Affairs.

Special contribution

Ms. Marja Verloop

Chargé d’Affaires of the United States Mission to the Netherlands

Seminar 1: Strategic Foresight: preparing for the unexpected

This session aims to put you, the attendees, in control as you identify what you consider the most pressing challenges to European security in the future. You will be asked to identify the top challenges within broad categories of threats, such as biological, economic, geopolitics, and cyber.

Seminar 2: Countering Terrorism, Radicalism and Extremism

In this session the nature of jihadi terrorism and right-wing extremism will be discussed.

Seminar 3: Russia and Turkey: Strategic Players from the East

In this session we will look at how Russia and Turkey play a role in the strategic security dynamics of Europe.

Seminar 4: The Rule of Law and Human Rights in Cyberspace

In this session, the intricacies of cyber security and the rule of law in Europe will be examined.

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Interested in getting to know more about the evolution of European security cooperation? If this resonates, then be sure to listen to JASON Institute’s latest podcast ‘’European security cooperation: mixed past, uncertain future?’! In this conference related episode, Bérénice Cabanne from the JASON speaks with Steven Blockmans, Director of Research at the Center for European Policy Studies, about what European security means and how cooperation on such initiatives has evolved overtime. 

Thank you all for joining us!

Frequently Asked Questions

After filling in the registration form  on this website, you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox. In case this does not happen and you have checked your spam folder, please reach out to through

The conference will take place at the Amare Concert Hall in the Hague, on the 12th of November. 

📍 Spuiplein 150, 2511 DG Den Haag

The event will not be recorded. However, an aftermovie will be produced which may feature recorded segments of the conference and testimonials of our speakers.

Please note that all contributions of our speakers will be in English.

No, the cost of this conference is €5 per person. This will cover all the catering provided at the event as well as the commemorative goodie bag you will receive upon your arrival. 

Each participant can attend 2 seminars. Upon registration participants will be asked to rank their preference. We will do our best to accommodate each participant with their top 2, but cannot guarantee this for everyone.

We will try our best to accommodate every participant with their top two ranked sessions, however, we do have to respect COVID regulations and that includes limiting the number of people in one room. Thus, we cannot guarantee that each participant will attend their top two sessions.

Before the 8th of November you will receive an email with the program and the names of the seminar you have been allocated to.

No. For the purpose of this conference, we have invited esteemed experts in the various fields to share their expertise and knowledge on the proposed themes. Thus, in respect towards them we do not advise attendees to leave during the conference. Furthermore, as COVID-19 is still among us, adequate measures will be taken to assure the safety of everyone, but it will not be in our capacity to control the come and go of attendees throughout the day.

All the latest information is posted on our socials on a regular basis. You can find the JASON Institute on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, video materials like recordings and aftermovies are also available via our YouTube account. For any general information about us, please check out our renewed website:

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