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weaponisation of memes
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The Weaponisation of Memes

By: Tessa Cuppens

When Putin invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the Ukrainian government posted a meme on Twitter with the caption: “This

nuclear weapons
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Deterrence and Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

By: Jakob Lindelöf

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is now heading into almost one year of fighting. With the intended initial offensive

China and The West
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China and The West – Mirrored features?

By: Jess Whatmore

China and the West 

Whilst contemporary landscapes show troubled relations between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the

ukraine taiwan
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Living among Giants: Ukraine and Taiwan

By: Hannah Jäger 

There are a number of significant distinctions between Taiwan and Ukraine, ranging from their physical locations to their allies and

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JASON Conference 2022 Reports: Part 2

Seminar 2: Gone and Forgotten? Frozen Conflicts in the Caucasus

By: Laura Gusan

The second seminar of the JASON Conference focused on

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JASON Conference 2022 Reports: Part 1

February 24th 2022: A Watershed in the History of the European Security Architecture

By: Jasper Hack

In her keynote opening speech,