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About Us

Who we are

For over 45 years, the JASON Institute for Peace and Security Studies has been engaged in informing students and young-professionals on matters of international peace and security. JASON regularly organizes exclusive events with leading security stakeholders. Additionally we publish our own quarterly magazine containing sophisticated articles written by both young-professionals as well as prominent academics.

What characterizes JASON is that our events and magazines are accessible free-of-charge and are open to anyone, regardless of sex, age, descent, cultural and religious beliefs. We believe that through an inclusive dialogue we can provide the leaders of tomorrow with a dynamic platform to engage with the leaders of today.

What We Do


The impact of international peace and security issues – especially in todays globalized and multipolar world – is vast. Due to the fragile international security climate, JASON considers it vital to keep students and young-professionals informed on matters of international peace and security. The current security challenges the international community is facing are significant and unprecedented, and acts to inform students and young-professionals – the leaders of tomorrow – on those threats is pivotal. To further this goal, JASON facilitates in providing a much needed platform for constructive dialogues.

JASON primarily engages with students and young professionals by means of organizing interactive and instructional events with leading (international) experts. We furthermore are engaged in publishing our own quarterly magazine. Through these activities JASON tries to challenge students and young-professionals – regardless of their sex, age, descent, cultural and religious beliefs – to think about the impact of international peace and security challenges.


JASON was founded in 1975 by Rio Praaning and Willem van Eekelen on a commitment to provide value-free and sophisticated insights on matters of international peace and security. After close collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs JASON, or Jong Atlantisch Samenwerkingsorgaan Nederland, was born.


During its initial years of existence the activities of JASON mainly focussed on peace and security issues within the Transatlantic domain. However as a result of the changing global geopolitical climate, JASON gradually expanded its scope to international security in the broadest sense of the word. Nowadays, JASON is one of the largest institutes within its discipline in the Netherlands.